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Wellcome to Technischen Kundendienst Niepert
Our company was founded in 1993 and is specialized in the purchase and sale of second hand,
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    In the year 2001 the new factory was bought, and the business shifted more toward trade, with large export portion.

    Special Machinery
    Draabe Luftbefeuchter, Ref.:00489
    Year: 2006
    Description: humidifier system ,constantly maintained ,used , with documentations, more Pictures available
    Ecograf ED45K, Ref.:00488
    Size: 50 x 70 cm
    Year: 1985
    Description: working conditions , manual
    Komori Lithrone 20, Ref.:00249
    Size: 425 mm
    Description: punch , never used
    May & Christe Ryobi Komori Netz Trafo, Ref.:00379
    Size: 400/200V- 10 KVA
    Description: good conditions , prim 400V - sec 200V / 10KVA
    Müro GPL 220, Ref.:00343
    Size: 220mm
    Year: 1999
    Description: Plate punch for Heidelberg GTO46 , GTO52 , Ryobi 520 and other machines with Bacher 220mm register system
    Heidelberg Tiegel A4, 1 Color Ref.:00475
    Size: A4
    Year: 1970
    Description: from the Netherlands . Special height of the letters
    Unbekannt HD Tiegel A3, 1 Color Ref.:00344
    Size: 35 x 40 cm
    Year: 1995
    Description: jogger for the delivery table of an A3 Tiegel (Platen) , vibration adjustable , 220V/50Hz
    Heidelberg GTO46 V-P- Plus, 4 Color Ref.:00472
    Size: 33 x 46 cm
    Year: 1978
    Description: 4x Varn Kompac ,electronical double sheet control , Weko powder sprayer, dokumentation , cylinders checked , with NP unitvideoclip of paper running on request
    Plockmatic SR85 TR85, Broschuerenfertigung Ref.:00492
    Size: A4-A3
    Year: 2002
    Description: bookletmaker SR90 with trimmer TR90 , offline or online with a printer system.manual.videoclip on request
    Plockmatic SR90 TR90, Broschuerenfertigung Ref.:00491
    Size: A4-A3
    Year: 2003
    Description: bookletmaker SR90 with trimmer TR90 , offline or online with Aficio 2090/2105 or 1060/1075 or 1085/1105 .manual.videoclip on request
    GUK S350, Folding Machine Ref.:00459
    Size: B3
    Year: 2000
    Description: delivery, Top conditions,new belts ,table ca. 42 x 100 cm , height adjustable ca. 66-95 cm
    GUK FA 36-4 SAF, Folding Machine Ref.:00455
    Size: A3
    Year: 2000
    Description: flat pile feeder , double sheet control , pre select couter , 4 pockets , rilling and perforating, manual,complete reconditioned with new rollers and new suction wheel ,extra control panel at the delivery
    GUK SAF 35, Folding Machine Ref.:00460
    Size: B3
    Year: 1995
    Description: flat pile feeder ,very good conditions , checked and cleaned, with its own power supply 400V , speed adjustment , compressor , manual
    GUK FA 36-4 Station 2, Folding Machine Ref.:00457
    Year: 2000
    Description: GUK FA 36-4 Station 2 , reconditioned rollers , new bearings , new belts ,completely reconditioned , 4 pockets, documentation ,with board for speed control , without delivery
    GUK FA35-4 FN, Folding Machine Ref.:00487
    Size: 35cm
    Year: 1994
    Description: min 18mm folding, 4 pockets ,Gremser pile feeder ,perforating unit ,rietschle compressor , documentation,videoclip on request
    GUK FA36-4 Stat 1, Folding Machine Ref.:00470
    Year: 2000
    Description: flat pile feeder , double sheet control , pre select couter , 4 pockets ,extra control panel at the delivery , rilling and perforating, reconditioned, complete with new rollers and new suction wheel ,Documentations
    GUK Schraegrollentisch, Folding Machine Ref.:00490
    Size: 35 x 100
    Year: 1995
    Description: Transfer table , 220V , speed adjustable , table size 35 x 100cm , height 87cm
    GUK ZK500, Folding Machine Ref.:00473
    Year: 1996
    Description: good conditions, rebuilt, documentation,rollers reconditioned,new belts,checked and cleaned,wiring 220V , cotrolled by light Barriere,heiight adjustable,
    Nagel Multinak S 1, Stitcher Ref.:00403
    Year: 1983
    Description: good conditions , for staples type 24 and 26 , for flat and omega staples , for booklets and blocks,400V ,gearbox with new bearings ,stitching heads top, manual ,videoclip on request
    Schimanek Spindelpresse 40, Perfect Binding Ref.:00452
    Size: 400mm x 300mm
    Year: 1896
    Description: good conditions , table size ca.300 x 400mm , pile height up to ca.450 mm
    Emil Kahle Kahle 40, Perforator Ref.:00479
    Size: 40cm
    Year: 1935
    Description: working size 40 cm , good conditions
    Foellmer Expo, Perforator Ref.:00493
    Size: 45cm
    Year: 1989
    Description: rilling-and perforatingmachine, Tools in good conditions,400V , Videoclip on request
    Foellmer MP50, Perforator Ref.:00463
    Size: 50cm
    Year: 1998
    Description: creasing machine with motor ,50cm tool , wiring 220V ,good conditions ,videoclip on request
    Stewo Stewo 63, Perforator Ref.:00478
    Size: 63 cm
    Year: 1968
    Description: tool size 63 cm , 380 V , good working conditions,videoclip on request
    Krause Schlagschere, Guillotine Ref.:00454
    Size: 70 x 100 cm
    Year: 1884
    Description: knife length ca 127mm , table ca.1270mm x 730mm ,also for alloy ,copper and similar sheet metal.flat angle at the knife grinded.
    Böhl Akebono OB301N, Packaging machine Ref.:00485
    Year: 2009
    Description: For material: foil 30mm , paper brown or white ,checked by Boehl April 2017
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